Secure and monitor your work

Everything you need to stay online & secure.

Monitor 1 Server

Network and web response monitoring with quick response to any sign of trouble.

Monitor for $20/mo and if you'd like, active system admin intervention, automatically for just $80/hr

Full Stack Server Security

Real time IP reputation, honeypots, automated firewall control with greylisting & captchya bot-proofing. Never touch a config file or have to worry about software. Order & forget.

WAF, Log analysis, DDoS protection, Malware scanning, white & blacklisting, spam reduction - even reduces server load.

ULTIMATE Protection Against Infections for your CMS, such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

BT Labs: Wordpress Tools

Gain access to our brand new offering in Wordpress optimization & security. A one stop without having to pick & choose the best combination of plugins to handle your site without having them in conflict. Top to bottom site optimization & performance bench-marking.

Don't get your hands dirty site security & monitoring.

Automated backups.
Image compatibility and optimization smushing.
Forms, SEO, Mail, and more!